Houston and New Orleans Historic Groups Come Together to Save Sites

Historical preservation groups in New Orleans say a lot of that city's history was damaged by Hurricane Katrina, but they're optimistic that most of it can be saved. Houston preservation groups are joining other groups around the country in stepping up to help them.

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New Orleans' vast array of centuries old buildings and homes attract untold numbers of tourists to the historic districts every year. Storm damage varies from one area to another, but most of the city's old structures have wind and/or water damage - some minor - some major -- some total. Lynn Edmundson of Historic Houston says many can be saved.

Edmundson says it's unfortunate, but it's not realistic to think that everything can be saved, because making New Orleans a livable city again has a higher priority. Even so, she hopes the city's history doesn't get bulldozed in the rush to rebuild, and she's happy to report that many New Orleans officials share that view.

Edmundson says her New Orleans counterparts were flooded out of their offices too, and Historic Houston is offering to let them use office space and equipment here for as long as it's needed.