KUHF News Team Wins Seven Lone Star Awards; Reporter Dave Fehling Wins Radio Journalist of the Year

Photo by Victor Palomares
The KUHF News team took home seven Lone Star Awards from the Houston Press Club on Friday, August 2 with Dave Fehling winning Radio Journalist of the Year.

E-1 Radio Journalist of the Year

2013 – 1st Place: Dave Fehling, KUHF-Houston

*Award comments: This reporter shows his skill in handling several different issues — and handling them well. In this category — where every entrant could be the first place winner, he is first among equals.

2013 – 3rd Place: Laurie Johnson, KUHF-Houston

E-2 Hard News Feature

2013 – 3rd Place: Dave Fehling, KUHF-Houston, “Who Will Pay for Roads Damaged by Fracking?”


E-3 Soft News Feature

2nd Place: Edel Howlin, KUHF-Houston, “Hen Laws in Houston”


E-6 Radio Series

2013 – 3rd Place: Andrew Schneider, KUHF-Houston, “Business School Behind Bars”


E-7 Use of Sound

2013 – 2nd Place: Dave Fehling, KUHF-Houston, “Toxic Legacy, 30 Years Later”

2013 – 3rd Place: Ed Mayberry, KUHF-Houston, “Rodeo Music Archives”