As Keystone XL Hangs In the Balance, Other Pipelines To Bring Tar Sands Oil South Advance

Map of Enbridge's Flanagan South Project [Enbridge's Flanagan South Project]
A pipeline to transport oil from the Canadian tar sands across the Midwest is quietly on the fast track to approval. But it's not the Keystone XL.

Calgary-based Enbridge is hoping to begin construction early next month on a 600-mile pipeline from Flanagan, Illinois to Enbridge’s terminal in Cushing, Oklahoma. From there, crude oil could be moved through existing lines to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Jerrid Anderson is project director for Enbridge’s Flanagan South Project.

“A lot of the crude oil will be originating from Canada, but there will be also crude oil originating from the Bakken area. We’ll be constructing the pipeline through early next year, and we plan to have it operational and ready for product next summer.”

The company is seeking an expedited permit review by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Meanwhile, TransCanada is nearing completion of what would be the southern leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline. That pipeline should be ready to ship crude from Cushing to Nederland, Texas by the end of the year.

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