Did Houston Really Have A 29% Drop In Homeless Population?

Houston has seen a 29 percent drop in the homeless population since 2011, according to the Coalition for the Homeless of Houston and Harris County.

But the group's Marilyn Brown says that means there were still more than 6,000 homeless people during the evening of that homeless count. 
"During 2012, almost 30,000 different, unique individuals interracted with one of these service providers at some point during that year. The 6,000 number is the number we need to address. but we also see that throughout the year, almost 30,000 people come in and out of the homeless system." 

Brown says area homeless service providers are working collaboratively to help homeless individuals and families move into stable, permanent housing.
"There has been an incredible concentrated effort amongst the service providers (and) housing units to work collaboratively and partner in making sure that individuals are housed in units with appropriate services to provide them (with) what they need in order to be successful and stablely housed." 

Houston area housing initiatives include Housing Houston's Heroes, which has housed 557 homeless individuals and families in the past year, including 488 homeless veterans.

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