Election Day Is This Saturday, No Really

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Tomorrow is the last day of early voting. That may sound odd — but Texas holds a uniform election in the month of May and Election Day is this Saturday. More than half of Harris County voters are eligible to cast ballots.

The May uniform election doesn't get a whole lot of attention because the races usually aren't high-profile or very exciting.

Sue Davis works as a political consultant and says the May election includes a lot of tax-related issues.

"Of course your city government and your school government are the ones that affect you most directly. And the money that they're going to spend in bond elections, or the money that the school district or the cities are going to spend is very important. We are talking about — it could add up to a lot of money."

There are 52 different political entities holding elections in Harris County this Saturday. Most of them are school board races, but there are also bond proposals and tax rate increases on the ballot, depending on where you live in the county.

 Davis says it's very difficult to drum up interest in the May election.

"You have to really remind people, over and over again, especially in an election when you've got the nice time of the year, people are out on the weekends, they don't think about these elections — especially on a Saturday."  

To find out if you live in an area where an election is taking place, visit harrisvotes.com for voter information.

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