Music from the Movies

Music that spans generations.

This weekend, we'll explore the music by three composers...for one film...Cloud Atlas. This visually amazing film will also keep your mind spinning as the stories span several hundred years. Composer Tom Tyker was also the co-screenwriter and co-director for the film. Tyker, along with fellow composers Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil note that the music in this film is not just there as an underlying emotional booster, but rather the thread that ties the whole film together. The main theme is central for this film as it is a composition that is composed within the film while following the story of a composer who keeps putting off his life work (ala Mr. Holland). Join Brad Sayles this Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 5pm to explore this evocative score.
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Brad Sayles

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A Composer since his early teens, Brad Sayles has come to fulfill his promise by displaying his talents on many different sides of the medium of music; both live and recorded...