Voter Registration Deadline Draws Near

Tomorrow is the deadline for Texas voters to make sure they're registered to cast a ballot in next month's election. Harris County elections officials say they've been deluged with voter registration forms in recent days.

Right now, there are about 1.9 million registered voters in Harris County

Don Sumners is the county's tax assessor-collector. His office also handles voter registration. Sumners says the county could reach the two million voter mark after his office processes the mountain of registrations that have recently arrived.

"We're having people come do overtime. We worked both Saturday and Sunday this last week. And we'll probably be doing that again this weekend."

Voter registration applications are available at the main tax office in downtown Houston —  or at any one of the 15 branch offices throughout Harris County. They can also be picked up at local libraries. 

Sumner says besides the typical rules covering citizenship, age, felony record, and mental state, there are no special requirements to register.

"Everything is on the honor system. We do ask for Texas driver's license, or Social Security Number. Date of birth, so we can track your voting, and not confuse you with someone else."

Voter registration applications must be postmarked by midnight tomorrow. Once you're registered, you're set. If you move within the county, you don't necessarily have to register again.  You can vote at your old precinct, and, at the same time, fill out a form to let officials know your new address. Voters can double-check whether they are registered at

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