Mayor Parker Promotes Houston At DNC

Houston Mayor Annise Parker is at the Democratic National Convention this week. Parker says while she is an official delegate — she's there to promote Houston.


This is Mayor Annise Parker's first visit to the Democratic National Convention.

She's not sure how much time she'll actually spend on the floor for convention events, much of her time is taken up by panel discussions, receptions and meetings with other mayors.

"Most of what I'm doing is cheerleading for Houston, being Mayor Parker rather than being Delegate Parker. I'm doing media about Houston, I'm serving on some panels with fellow mayors talking about what's going on in our cities, what we think are important in terms of policy issues."

Parker says one policy issue she's particularly focused on is getting Washington to pay more attention to cities.

"The policies that they make in Washington can positively or negatively affect cities. One of the things that big cities are always concerned about is that when money is directed from Washington to the cities, we don't want to see it get sidetracked to the state, where they always take a little slice off the top. We believe that we should have direct funding to cities for specific projects."

In the short time she has been in Charlotte, Parker says a number of people have pulled her aside to ask how Houston fared so well during the recession compared to the rest of the country.

She chalks it up to a long history of conservative budgeting and being fiscally conservative in terms of taxes.

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