United, Pilots' Union Reach Agreement On New Contract

After more than two years of negotiations, United Airlines has reached an agreement for a new labor contract with both its own pilots and those from the former Continental Airlines.

United Continental Holdings says the agreement is an important step in creating a single workforce for the company, which was formed by a 2010 merger.

The Air Line Pilots Association, or ALPA, negotiated the deal with United. Captain Jay Pierce chairs the ALPA unit representing 5,000 former Continental pilots.

“I think everybody’s aware that the merger has had its pitfalls. The merger has not produced the level of customer service, passenger service that we would like to and that we are used to providing our customers. So we’re quite anxious to get that behind us and put out a product that we can be proud of.”

ALPA represents about 7,000 United pilots, in addition to the Continental veterans. The deal is still subject to approval by governing boards of the two pilot groups and by rank-and-file pilots.


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