Battleship Texas Afloat Once Again

A patched-up Battleship Texas could be back open to visitors this weekend after another round of leaks had to be repaired. Ed Mayberry has an update on the ongoing efforts to keep the iconic ship afloat.

The ship was to have re-opened earlier this week, but a new hole below the waterline and a pipe that was letting water in had to be fixed before that could happen. Now, crews think they've finally got the 100-year-old vessel ready for guests again. Andy Smith is the ship's manager.

"We're shooting for Saturday. We feel pretty decent about that, but again, cross your fingers and don't call me a liar if we don't. But we feel like we can probably get her back open on Saturday."

The ship has been springing leaks all summer, causing multiple closures and a lot of headaches for crews trying to figure out where the water is coming in. Smith says he's encouraged by the public's renewed support of the battleship.

"We've seen just an outpouring of support, not just in financial, but we've had volunteers, we've had different companies, local and otherwise that have offered services, products. It has been real heartwarming. I really think it sends a clear message that we as a society value the ship greatly and want her to be preserved, want her to be kept."

The ship is currently situated in water near the San Jacinto Monument in La Porte. Officials would eventually like to have the "Texas" in dry dock, but that could cost tens of millions of dollars to build.

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