Houston Employers Speed Up Hiring In Third Quarter

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The latest survey from workforce services firm Manpower says Houston-area employers will soon pick up the pace in hiring.

Manpower says a net 24% of Houston-area employers plan to boost hiring in the third quarter. That’s up from 19% in the current quarter. Gerry Burns is an executive with Manpower’s Houston metro region office.

“The nice part of it is we’re seeing some growth in construction, and that’s the first time in probably about three years. For most of us, that’s a bit of a leading indicator showing that perhaps the economy, at least the local economy, is looking up and planning to grow again.”

Other sectors planning to hire more in the third quarter include manufacturing, transportation, and health services. Burns says that Houston employers are having trouble filling key jobs, particularly in skilled trades.

“And certainly we do need those skilled trades, such as welders, CNC machinists, lathe operators — possibly more than any other city.”

Burns says not enough younger workers are entering skilled trades to make up for those now retiring.

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