Legacy of Bush Sr to Live On

Houston Christian High School honored former president George HW Bush and wife Barbara Bush by naming a new campus center for them. Pat Hernandez has more.

It was once a library that was well used, but now Houston Christian HS renovated the structure to become the Bush Center for Scholars and Leaders. Steve Livingston is the head of school for the campus in west Houston. He says it is where their leadership development program comes together:

"We think in the United States, there needs to be a place where first educators can come together and talk about leadership development. That isn't happening at the high school and middle school level, in a way that is authoritative and purposeful. And so, most of what you read out there is for adults. We think that the center that we're developing here can provide an avenue for that discussion."

Livingston says the impact it will have on the lives of students will be significant:

"Our curriculum integrates leadership development into every facet of it. Our programs integrates leadership development as well, and we just see it as a highly motivating and engaging way, to use the legacy of George and Barbara Bush to impact young people."

The presidential seal greets students on the sidewalk, and the center includes an auditorium and meetings spaces, not to mention effects from the 41st president. Senior Anthony Farfan is impressed with how the renovation turned the old library into an homage to them:

"It's stunning just to walk in a say 'Wow, George and Barbara Bush.' How they bolt out on the entrance in. It's that impacting, that important for us to look up to them."

Haley Hoelscher is also a senior, and just as impressed:

"Like Dr. Livingston said, leadership is a huge part of the curriculum at Houston Christian, and this just emphasizes how important it is to our school, and to the young people that go to our school."

It is the only presidential center located in a high school in the country.

Pat Hernandez, KUHF News.

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