New Kitchens for End Hunger Network

The End Hunger Network estimates 660,000 people need help with putting food on the table to feed their families on any given day in the greater Houston area. End Hunger has outgrown the kitchens they currently use at the Houstonian Hotel and the Search Homeless shelter for processing food. End Hunger now has plans to build a $2.5 million, 15,000 square foot kitchen.

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Winston Fortune oversees food preparation in Search's kitchen. Those meals will feed Search's clients, another couple of cooks are working in the back as part of Search's catering business, the Company Kitchen. They are preparing mostly box lunches for law firms and corporations, in downtown Houston and the Medical Center. As if that's not enough, Search's Food Services Director Chris Olson says their kitchen, along with the Houstonian Hotel, process food for End Hunger.

The food is distributed by the Houston Food Bank to independent pantries across the region. But the current facilities don't meet the demand. The End Hunger Network will break ground this fall on a new facility and Olson say Search will be a part of it.

Search will also move the Company Kitchen there as well as their culinary arts program to the new facility.

End Hunger Network Executive Director David Davenport says the new facility, to be located on Houston's north side, will meet the current demand to feed the hungry.

Davenport says the homeless is a small percentage of the people who go to food pantries. He says the vast majority are working families who have run into hard times.

End Hunger is in the begining stages of a $5 million capital campaign with the goal of opening the new kitchen in the latter half of next year.

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