Reliant Rolls Out Methods for Customers to Track Electric Usage

Electric customers with smart meters in Houston now have another tool to electronically track usage.

A White House-inspired, industry-led initiative called Green Button makes a customer's electricity use information available to them in a one-click download.  Pat Hammond is with Reliant.

"Go to, log on to their online account management. When they get to their account, the button automatically appears. You click on it, and once you decide kind of how many months of usage data you want to look at, you click again and a spread sheet pops up."

Reliant has a suite of tools to help customers compare usage information from previous weeks or shift the times they do laundry or run the dishwasher to a time of day with lower-priced electricity.

"We also do a weekly summary email. We have online account management where you can really got a lot of the same information that you would get with Green Button. We also have a mobile app that actually will provide that data on your mobile device. And also we have a Google gadget, so if you use an iGoogle homepage, that information automatically loads up when you log on to your Google page."

Hammond says people are changing their usage habits based on what they find out from these tools.

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