KUHF Conversations: Josef Helfenstein

Byzantine Fresco Chapel interior. J. Griffis Smith/TxDOT
A mainstay of the Menil Collection is about to close. For 15 years, the Byzantine Fresco Chapel has housed frescoes from the 13th century that were looted from a Greek Orthodox Church in Cyprus. KUHF's David Pitman stopped by the chapel to ask Menil director Josef Helfenstein why these frescoes meant so much to John and Dominique de Menil, and how he feels about the pieces going home.

The Byzantine Fresco Chapel will be open through Sunday, March 4th. There are two more events to mark the end of the exhibit – information on those events can be found here.


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Thumbnail: Byzantine Fresco Chapel courtyard. Photo © Paul Warchol
Slide: Christ Pantokrator, dome fresco Photo: © Paul Warchol


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