Veterans Counselor Quits Over False Medal Claims

A Houston-area man has quit as a post-traumatic stress counselor for veterans after it was shown he had lied about earning numerous war medals.

Paul Arthur Schroeder of The Woodlands apologized Wednesday and resigned from the PTSD Foundation of America. Schroeder presented himself as a former Special Forces sergeant who claimed to have earned a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, and a Purple Heart.

But military personnel records at Fort Knox, Kentucky revealed Schroeder was actually a military police officer and did not earn the honors.

Geoffrey Corn is a retired lieutenant colonel with the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps, now teaching at South Texas College of Law.

“Within the military culture itself, this is a pretty shameful act. That you would award yourself the honor that has been earned through the blood, sweat, and sacrifice of others is pretty despicable, and so I think it really put him in a compromised position where he would lack credibility with the veterans that he’s trying to help.”

The 2005 Stolen Valor Act makes lying about earning military awards a federal crime, but the law has been challenged on First Amendment grounds. The Supreme Court will hear the challenge later this month.


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