Flights To Cuba Begin At Bush Intercontinental Airport

The first charter flight to Cuba took off from Bush Intercontinental Airport last Thursday, carrying 80 passengers. Relaxed travel rules went into effect last year, and Houston is one of a handful of authorized departure cities to Havana.

Genaro Pena is air services development director for the Houston Airport System.


"This is essentially a continuation of an opening of the relationship that opened between the U.S. and Cuba that occurred last year. So they're still very, very restricted, but it's a great opportunity for cities like Houston to establish some relationships there that have been difficult to do in the past."

The first flight consisted mainly of business people authorized to connect with professionals in Cuba.


"We know there are synergies that already exist when you consider the strong medical communities that exist in both places, great institutions here, educational institutions. And all those types of professionals are authorized under the right circumstances to travel to Cuba from the U.S.."

Pena expects representatives of the agriculture, medical, business and educational communities to utilize future flights.

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