ERCOT Reports Five Percent More Electricty Usage In 2011

With last summer's record heat, it may not surprise you that the state's electricity usage is up. ERCOT released its 2011 demand and energy report.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas reports that the state increased its electricity use by five percent in 2011.  ERCOT's Dottie Roark.

"We knew we had temperature exptremes this last year, but now that our annual energy report is out, we do see a big increase of five percent in how much electricity over time that people in ERCOT region used."

Two months, in particular, had double-digit increases.

"We had the highest energy increase in April and in July. In the months of July and August, we were breaking a lot of records. We had some real high tempratures, and that does reflect in extra-high air conditioning use."

Roark says this annual electricity usage report gets interest from policymakers and energy companies.

"You know, from legislator folks and certainly in the market — the market participants are looking at it. It's a little bit of a report card, or just kind of an analysis on where we are, how much our energy is increasing. It's certainly interesting that this is the third year in a row that we've broken our all-time peak demand."

Natural gas increased 2.2 percent over last year as a percentage of total energy. And wind increased almost a percent from 2010. The nuclear mix decreased from 13.1 percent to 11.9 percent last year.

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