Flu Season In Houston Likely To Peak Next Month

It's been a quiet flu season so far here in Houston, but that could change next Month, and one local expert says there's still time to get a flu shot.

Dr. Paul Glezen a professor of virology and microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine and says Houston's flu season really hasn't started yet.

"Here, influenza usually peaks the middle of February, so we should see activity start fairly quickly now and it will tail off at the end of March."

He says there's still time to get a flu shot or even use a nasal spray that contains the live but weakened virus that activates more quickly.

"So far, all three of the viruses that are included in the vaccine have been detected here in the U.S.. Most of the activity has been in the Southeastern states centered in Georgia, but recently there has been an upsurge in the mountain state, in Colorado and the states above that."
Glezen says Houstonians going on ski trips the next few months could bring the virus back here. He says the low humidity over the next few months is the biggest factor that affects the virus here. He says the flu virus stays around longer and spreads more easily in dry air.

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