Sugar Land Lab Explores Body Fat As Source Of Stem Cells

Houston-based Celltex Therapeutics has cut the ribbon on its new laboratory. It's the next phase of the company's efforts to develop a promising new line of stem cell research.

Celltex’s new Sugar Land lab is the first of its kind in North America. Using a process developed under license from RNL BIO of South Korea, the facility will offer services to culture, grow, and bank adult stem cells that are derived from a patient’s own body fat.

Doctor Glenn McGee is a bioethicist and Celltex’s president of strategic initiatives.

“In the world of stem cells, there is enormously heated debate. Almost all of it is about questions associated with ‘What kind of cell are you using?’ and people are just as confused as can be. We intend to exceed the standards of ISSCR, the international stem cell research group, and more importantly, to kind of set the standards, because Texas is the only state in the country that’s actually decided to regulate.”

Celltex is hoping the new lab will prove a magnet that will help it recruit biochemists and other researchers from local universities. The company expects to host a large number of patients referred for clinical trials as early as February. 

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