Music from the Movies Salutes our Veterans 11/11/11

The score to Captain America was composed by Alan Silvestri, but did you know that the song "Star-Spangled Man" was composed by Alan Menken? He is the award winning composer for many Disney films. According to Menken, "Star Spangled Man" is a USO-style production number; stylistically an homage to those great wartime songs of Irving Berlin. In it, we follow the on-stage development of Captain America from a nervous amateur to a confident showman. For the song, I reunited with my Hercules collaborator and Tony award winner, David Zippel. To all our verterans...enjoy this movie music moment...and thank you for your service.

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Brad Sayles

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A Composer since his early teens, Brad Sayles has come to fulfill his promise by displaying his talents on many different sides of the medium of music; both live and recorded...