Ever Considered A Magnet School For Your Child?

Houston Independent School District is asking parents to consider magnet schools. The district is having an open house tomorrow to inform parents about enrollment for next year.

There are 113 magnet programs in HISD. Lupita Hinojosa oversees the programs and says there’s a good chance one of them is a perfect match for your child.

“You and your child already know that they want to go into study in the area of medicine, or they’re very interested in computers and they’re thinking of a career in technology. That’s when we want you to stop and think and then come and look at our portfolio of schools.”

The district is making it easier for parents to choose among the schools by holding an open house at HISD’s main office in on the (Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center, 4400) West 18th Street.

“The reason we want our parents to come out is that under one roof. Let’s say they are interested in a high school. They will be able to see all 31 high schools under one roof and visit each table, talk to the magnet coordinators, and really make some comparisons while they’re here.”

Kristi Honore is the magnet coordinator at Waltrip High School, which officers a computer programming and interactive media magnet program. She says the program is in depth. Students learn programs they’d never work with in a regular high school computer class:

“C++, Adobe, Java, or different programs that a student taking a regular computer class would not experience. They make work with it, learn how to type papers, adjust margins and maybe learn how to do small things. But when you get into the magnet courses, it takes you in depth. It takes you behind the scenes.”

Dottie Lawrence works at Kolter Elementary, which has a foreign language magnet program.

“Our main goal is to create a love of learning languages in the students and to encourage them to go on and study languages in middle school, high school, and college. And we also really want to expose our children to diversity and to different cultures.”

Saturday’s open house runs from 9 am to noon.  If you can’t make it, HISD has a catalog of all its magnet schools on the district’s website.