Operation Shady RAT

A new report by computer security firm McAffee reveals the existence of a five-year, worldwide cyber-espionage campaign targeting governments, private companies and nonprofits.

computer power buttonMcAffee dubs it Operation: Shady RAT.  Since 2006, the campaign has hit more than seventy entities in fourteen countries. While McAffee does not name the targets, it does identify two as being in the U.S. energy sector — one a natural gas wholesaler, the other a solar power company.

Norman Comstock is a managing director with the Houston office of consulting firm UHY Advisors.

“In our vulnerability assessments for energy companies, because they have such large deployments, we’ll find hundreds, sometimes thousands of vulnerabilities, ones that may be correctable in very easy terms by patching, and in other cases a little bit more difficult because of the connection with other critical systems. So it might take months before those actually get corrected, and in light of that, new ones may have actually cropped up.”

McAffee’s revelation of Shady RAT comes just half a year after the firm uncovered Night Dragon, a campaign by Chinese hackers targeting Western oil and gas companies.

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