Some Houston Post Offices Could Close; Under Review

Nine Houston Post Office locations are on a new list of offices that could be closed as the Postal Service deals with a major budget crunch.

A total of 28 offices in Southeast Texas are on a list of candidates for closure.  The ones here in Houston include the Denver Harbor, Harrisburg, Irvington and East Houston offices.  Dione Montegue is with the Postal Service here in Houston and says a number of factors go into whether a location is on the list for possible closure.

"The foot traffic is low.  Maybe the amount of P.O. boxes that are available versus those that are rented is low.  There is just a bunch of criteria that we look at that actually put these offices on the list."

She says the list is not final and a three-and-a-half month study will now begin to determine which locations will actually close.

"The Postal Service is in its greatest financial crisis in history and so we are looking at every aspect of our business to become leaner and more efficient and consolidations and closures is part of that plan."

Montague says a lot of Post Office business is done online now and the need for brick and mortar locations isn't as great in some areas anymore.  A total of 3,700 Post Office locations in Texas are on the list for possible closure.

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