Transportation Funds for Flooding

By tying drainage problems to transportation funding, one Houston neighborhood will be getting more federal dollars for flooding issues.

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Vivian Harris has lived in Houston's Wild Heather community since the 1970's. Harris says the nearby Sims Bayou can handle more storm water, but the problem is that the neighborhood's drainage system can't move the water fast enough. Houston Mayor Bill White says money now exists to fix the problem.

The city's drainage fund will pay about a quarter of the cost, the local money comes from water and wastewater revenues.

Another $9.2 million will come from the federal government to pay for the Wild Heather project. Those funds were made available when officials tied drainage issues to transportation.

Other projects in Congressman Al Green's district include $750,000 for redevelopment of the Scottcrest Park in the Sunnyside area, $1 dollars for pedestrian walkways in Houston's Main Street Corridor, and $1.8 million for two connectors between State Highway 288 and Beltway eight.

Houston Public Works and Engineering Director Mike Marcot says the Wild Heather project is in the early stages of final design. Long-time resident Vivian will be keeping tabs on both the county's and city's drainage projects to make sure they follow through.

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