Houston's Red Light Camera Program Begins Re-Issuing Tickets This Weekend

The City of Houston is about to begin sending out red light camera tickets, again.  Starting at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, drivers who blow through the monitored intersections can expect a citation to show up in their mailboxes.  The move to issue tickets comes two weeks after the cameras were turned back on.

The cameras came back to life after a judge threw out the results of November's referendum in which voters rejected the red light camera system.  Houston Police will not issue tickets to drivers who were caught on camera running red lights between July 9th and this coming Sunday.  Chief Charles McClelland says the department spent the last two weeks making sure the cameras were working properly, and that the signals at monitored intersections were operating within state guidelines.

"When we issue you a photo red-light citation, it's accurate and it's correct.  So, I feel no need to go back to July 9th.  I want to go forward from 12:01, July 24, and that's what I'm gonna do."

McClelland says one sergeant and four officers have been re-assigned to examining each red light camera violation to decide if a ticket should be sent.

"I had to rebuild our infrastructure, our administrative infrastructure, that performed those functions.  Because when the cameras were turned off, those functions and units were dismantled."

Right now, there are seventy cameras set up at 50 intersections.  Chief McClelland says the contract with American Traffic Solutions does allow for intersections to be added, as traffic studies warrant.

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