Clean Economy: We're Number Nine!

Houston is falling behind the national curve as a producer of jobs related to renewable energy and energy-efficient technology. Andrew Schneider has more.

Green HoustonThe Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program ranked the hundred largest U.S. metro areas in terms of how many green jobs their economies produced between 2003 and 2010. The three top spots went to the country’s three largest metroplexes, in order — New York first, LA second, Chicago third. Houston, the nation’s fourth-largest metro area, came in ninth.

Jonathan Rothwell is a senior research analyst at Brookings.

“It turns out that Houston’s intensity, as we call it, is a bit lower than the national average.  So, 1.6% of all jobs in Houston, we estimate, are in the clean economy, and that compares to 2% nationally.”

Rothwell says that the sheer concentration of capital, skilled labor, research and local government support puts Houston far out in front in terms of its capacity for green growth. But for now, it seems, the energy capital of the world is punching below its weight.

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