Texans Worried About Education

A non-partisan poll of Texas voters shows the issue people are most concerned about in this state is education. Laurie Johnson has more.

The Texas Lyceum is a non-profit group that analyzes state policy and voter opinions.

For the past few years, their poll has shown Texas voters were most concerned about immigration. But this year, in the face of state budget cuts and teacher layoffs, education took the top spot on the list of concerns.

The poll shows 33 percent of likely voters are worried about state education cuts. That's compared to eleven percent who think immigration is the state's number one problem and eleven percent who cite the state's budget deficit as the biggest problem.

A majority of Texan voters also feel the country is heading in the wrong direction and believe the worst is yet to come regarding the national economy. But they're much more optimistic about the Texas economy, with more than 60 percent saying Texas is
better off than the rest of the country.

For the poll results, visit 2011 Texas Lyceum Poll Statewide Results.

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