HISD Dropout Volunteers

The Houston Independent School District once again will be going door to door later this month to find students who might be drop-outs. The district is looking for 1,000 volunteers to take part in the event later this month.

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This year, 16 schools will take part in the effort to get students back in school. Last year, the effort brought back more than 100 former high school dropouts. This year officials hope to double that number by increasing the number of schools. HISD Student Engagement Director Roberta Cusack says principals make the decision whether to participate. Each school prepares a list of students expected to be in school, but did not show, during the first week. Cusack says the number of no-shows vary from school to school.

Cusack says interested volunteers do attend training sessions before knocking on students' families doors.

Those issues can be anything from outdated immunization records to financial pressures. The deadline to sign up is tomorrow. The door-to-door visits will happen on Saturday, August 27th.

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