Galveston Preps for Hurricane Season

With less than two weeks until the start of hurricane season, Galveston officials will meet with residents tonight to review how prepared the city is for a big storm. Laurie Johnson reports.

The town hall meeting at the Galveston Convention Center is an annual event, but has become a lot more important since Hurricane Ike's damaging visit in 2008. The city's Alicia Cahill says residents need to have a plan.

"This meeting tonight will give the community a chance to ask questions of local leaders and find out information that they may not be aware of. We've also had people of course move into the community and this may be their first storm season with us and this gives them an opportunity to get familiar. We want to put away that idea of fear and replace it with knowledge."  

Cahill says the city's emergency plans haven't changed since 2009, but officials are always on the look-out for needed adjustments. She says residents will be able to access more than just information tonight.

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"This meeting is also an opportunity for people to sign-up for special evacuation assistance, for people who may be medically fragile or they may not have access to their own independent transportation, they can come tonight to the meeting and go ahead and sign-up for that kind of service as well."
The meeting get underway at 6 pm at the Galveston Convention Center.


This story was written by Jack Williams and voiced by Laurie Johnson.