Authorities Remind High-Schoolers To Avoid Booze At Prom And Graduation Parties

High school seniors across the Houston area are getting ready for two rites of passage: prom and graduation. Authorities are reminding them, and their parents, that alcohol should not be a part of the festivities. David Pitman reports.

When prom and graduation roll around, authorities say there is typically a spike in car accidents and other medical emergencies involving teenagers and alcohol.

That’s why Crime Stoppers Houston is collaborating with Partnership for a Drug-Free Spring Branch to deliver commonsense advice to teenagers and their parents on how to avoid a bad situation.  

Katherine Cabaniss is the Executive Director  says teens need to resist any pressure to drink, or get in a car with someone who’s been drinking, during these special events.  

“They should still keep their eyes and ears open.  They should still use their own best good judgment.  They can protect themselves, and sometimes they’re the only ones who can.  They can’t let their guard down while their celebrating.”

And when it comes to parents offering kids alcohol, with the assumption that drinking while supervised is a good idea — Cabaniss says, it’s not.

“Because, remember, those kids still get back on the road at some point.  And the effects of alcohol don’t necessarily wear off quickly.  You cannot control the level of intake if you make it available to teens, even in your own home.”

Besides, it’s illegal.  Cabaniss says teens heading out to prom and graduation parties should travel with fully-charged cell phones, and set some cash aside, in case they need a cab to get home.

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