FAQ: KUHA, 91.7 FM Coverage Area

  1. What areas of Greater Houston does the 91.7 FM signal cover?
    • The various signal strength areas of 91.7 FM are shown on a map found here.
      • The city-grade signal (60dBu and stronger contour) is mapped to the terrain and shown in red. It reaches 3,125,243 potential listeners, including almost all of the area within Beltway 8, the northern suburbs of Tomball, The Woodlands, Humble/Atascocita and Kingwood, plus large portions of Baytown and Pasadena. Listeners in the city-grade area will have normal FM reception when compared to other stations, including KUHF.
      • The suburban-grade signal (54 to 60 dBu contour) is shown in orange. It reaches 4,401,430 potential listeners. Listeners in the suburban-grade area will be able to receive a signal. Most car listeners will have reception comparable to other Houston FM stations. Home and office listeners may need to adjust the location of their radios to get the best signal.
      • The fringe-grade signal (less than 54 dBu contour) is shown in pink. It includes the remainder of the greater metro listening audience, 5,427,259 potential listeners. Listeners in the fringe-grade area will receive 91.7 FM only with special effort, such as an external antenna. Car listeners will notice increasing static or loss of the signal.
  2. What is Houston Public Radio doing to resolve 91.7 FM signal issues that some listeners might experience?
    • 91.7 FM will be simulcast on KUHF HD channel 2, which has excellent coverage in the fringe areas. We will facilitate getting HD radios to those contributors who live in difficult reception areas. We are investigating the lease/purchase of two Translators to boost the 91.7 signal – one in Clear Lake, the other near Cinco Ranch. The KUHF engineering department will provide advice and assistance to those listeners who call asking for help in improving their reception of the 91.7 FM signal.