Non-Profit Launches Support for BARC

Houston's city pound will soon get a fundraising boost from a new non-profit organization. The Houston BARC Foundation has formed to support the city's animal control program. Laurie Johnson reports.

BARC, or the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care, is the city's pound and animal control program. The Houston BARC Foundation is a separate entity designed specifically to raise private funds for BARC. The IRS recently approved the foundation's application for 501(c)(3) status.

Linda Barrett is president and co-founder of the new non-profit. She says money they raise will help subsidize spay
and neuter costs, as well as increase capacity at the BARC facility.

"We are one of the many steps that the city is taking to really evolve its animal care policies. The actual physical facilities at BARC have been very, very much improved. Of course, there's always room for improvement, but the staff, the training, the physical facilities are all under transformation."

Barrett says the Houston BARC Foundation is modeled on other successful public-private partnerships in the city, like those which raise funds for parks and libraries.

They'll hold their first fundraiser and membership drive on April 1st.

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