State of the County: Critical Partnership

We can't do it alone. Harris County Judge Ed Emmett delivers the State of the County address and highlights the partnership Harris County has with the state legislature. He told a packed house at the Hilton Americas, that the partnership will help ensure Harris County weathers economic challenges. Pat Hernandez has more.

In his fourth State of the County address, Judge Emmett told the crowd of about a thousand attendees to the Greater Houston Partnership event that Harris County is going to have big changes.

"Whether those changes are positive or negative, remains to be seen. Those changes will depend upon the vision and courage shown by policy makers at all levels. Transportation, health care, particularly mental health, and criminal justice are areas which will require special attention for those of us in Harris County."

Judge Ed EmmettHe mentioned the recent Census count that showed Harris County's population surpassing 4-million residents for the first time. Emmett said while pundits might try to divide the diverse populace into  groups of competitors, he called it a blessing for the long term strength of our society. One big issue that must be addressed soon is the Astrodome. Judge Emmett called it a costly endeavor, but one that should remain for future generations.

"First step is going to make the dream of Judge Roy Hofheinz back into a place for everyone to revel in the creative can do spirit of Houston and Harris County."

Judge Emmett ended his address by noting that the county's status is financially challenging, but with the diverse members of commissioners court, from the experienced eye of El Franco Lee to the bright fresh look of Jack Morman, Harris County government will remain strong and efficient.  After the address I asked Houston city councilmember Brenda Stardig what she thought.

"I thought is was great, great confidence, great future, great vision. I appreciate it."

PH : "Is he an example of the county and the city working together?"

Stardig : "He is. He is one of the best. I really enjoy working with him. He's wonderful."

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