Deaths Reported at a Daycare Fire

Three deaths are reported and four injured at a daycare fire this afternoon in west Houston. A total of seven infants ranging from 18 months to three years old were transported to area hospitals — the two who died were pronounced dead at the hospitals. The blaze was at Jackie's Childcare — a house on crest park drive near Richmond and Eldridge.

Assistant Fire Chief Rick Flanagan says firefighters opened the roof to let smoke escape.


Jackie's Childcare fire"We opened up the fire to vent it from the ceiling but they went inside and controlled it, but it didn't do a tremendous amount of damage to the house. But the biggest thing that we're looking at right now is that there's a significant impact to the community, a significant impact to the firefighters that work in environments like this, so it's just a process now of moving forward and putting the pieces together from the investigative standpoint."

Firefighters and investigators were questioning the woman running the daycare. It's been a process to notify all the parents of those kids who were at the daycare, as well as notify next-of-kin.

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