KUHF Conversations: UH Prof. Dr. Hosam Aboul-Ela

The group Students for a Democratic Society at the University of Houston is hosting a teach-in Thursday evening on the recent events in Tunisia, Egypt, and in the rest of the Arab world. It will bring together a number of professors and instructors from UH, Rice University, and the University of St. Thomas to discuss the uprisings and to answer questions people have about the consequences, and what may happen next. David Pitman sat down with one of tonight's speakers, UH Associate Professor of English Dr. Hosam Aboul-Ela.
 Dr. Aboul-Ela is an Egyptian native who has spent several years as an adult in Egypt.  He explains how most stories about Egypt have missed out on the complexities of the alliances that fueled the protests.  He also weighs in on whether he sees Egypt turning into another Islamic republic, as Iran did following its revolution in 1979.

Dr.Hosam Aboul Ela and KUHF reporter David Pitman

Tonight's teach-in begins at 6 o'clock at the University Center's Aegean Room, bottom floor in the Underground.
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