East End Violence

Two violent robberies and shootings in the East End over the past week have folks in the area on edge. Both shootings occurred after robbers tried to steal cash at two different businesses. In each case — the store owners shot the suspects. As Laurie Johnson reports — Constable Victor Trevino says his officers are stepping up their patrol of the area.

Harris County Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino grew up in the East End. He says these high-profile incidents aren't an indication of the overall community.

"You know I have seen the East End come a long ways — in other words there was a time that people were moving out of this neighborhood and now people are moving back in. You've got businesses have grown, you've got more banks in the area, you've got more condos, more new homes."

Trevino says his deputies will increase their street presence and offer services such as sending a patrol car to follow shopkeepers to and from the bank.

Diane Schenke is president of the Greater East End Management District. She also lives in the East End and often bikes to work. She says she's worried about the media attention and public perception of violence.

"The HPD numbers were that violent crimes were down 10.9 percent this past year and non-violent crimes were down 12.8 percent. But all it takes is a couple of front page stories and I think the statistics become sort of meaningless."

The past week's two separate shootings left four suspects dead and one store owner still in critical condition.

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