Friday AM October 22nd, 2010

Strikes by the French have disrupted travel in that country. But global travel trends are generally improving. Ed Mayberry reports.

airplane wingThe strikes in France are affecting the fuel refineries, and the availability of jet fuel. There have been recent terror threats for several European countries. But the travel industry is generally upbeat as holiday travel periods approach. Jeanenne Tornatore with Orbitz says there hasn't yet been any real impact on travelers.

"You know, we haven't seen a major impact on bookings for European travel. I think people are resilient these days and they're still going to travel. It's just a matter of being cautious, as always, when you're in these destinations and really any destination. I think travelers are just kind of heeding that advice and taking more cautious look at their surroundings. Since 9-11, you know, people don't want to stop traveling. They're not going to let these types of things stop them from traveling and it's that resilient, you know, American spirit, and so we certainly see that people are still planning and taking those vacations." 

This is the "shoulder" season, and that can translate into travel savings.

"Florida and the Caribbean are great choices for fall travel. You know, we're still technically in hurricane season so travelers can take advantage of the deals that these destinations offer because of that. And even along the Gulf Coast that were not affected at all by the oil spill, we're still seeing promotions at a lot of those hotels. Also, the ski destinations—it's a very nice to visit places like the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. And even once the ski resorts open as we get into Thanksgiving weekend, you'll find early season ski deals."

Travelers should not expect last-minute travel deals for holiday travel, since most airlines have cut back capacity.

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