Thursday AM October 7th, 2010

Expansion in all-things-green means more green job possibilities in Houston. Green Mountain Energy is hosting another job fair today, hoping to hire full and part-time retail and sales agents. Ed Mayberry reports.

The nation's biggest retail provider of cleaner energy and carbon offsets is holding a job fair today at its Katy office.  Green Mountain's Sean Figaro says their previous job fair resulted in new hires, but they're looking for more.

"Well, first off, we're looking for folks with, you know, sincere passion to help the environment.  You know, we're looking for people that like talking to other folks—you know, extroverts.  We opened the office in Katy about a year ago and we're building that office and we've, you know, significantly increased the number of sales folks that we have here in the Houston market, and we want to continue to do that."

Figaro says they're specifically looking for people hoping to get into green careers.

"Well, you know, the first thing, quite honestly is, you know, we ask, what are your feelings about recycling, what are your feelings about the environment?  You know, it's really just about, you know, their sensibilities."

Ed: "And you can just kind of tell that in conversation, really."

"Sure, I mean we're just, you know, we're very open.  We'll ask 'how do you feel about pollution, how do you feel about the environment, how do you feel about, you know, pollution-free electricity?'"

The job fair starts at ten this morning at Green Mountain's Katy office on Snake River Road.

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