DWI Crackdown

Statistics show Harris County is the worst in the nation when it comes to drunk driving deaths. That's one of the reasons the police and sheriff's departments are teaming up for big crackdown on drunk drivers. Bill Stamps tells us what they're planning to do.
The crackdown actually has already begun, but from August 20th to September 6th, officers from both departments will work overtime to find drivers who've had too much to drink. This is Harris county sheriff Adrian Garcia and Capt. Nancy Hennessy.

Harris County Sherrif Adrian GarciaHarris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia

Garcia: "By bringing attention and focus, by encouraging folks to take on a bit of responsibility to this issue, we can make Texas roadways extremely safer than they are today."

Hennessy: "Our joint effort we have titled 'Shared Responsibility,' based on the fact that shared responsibility for the DWI's in Harris County affects all of us. And we should all be concerned and take action to combat the growing number of DWI's within our county."

Joining in the effort is the Texas Department of Transportation and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. TXDOT will run new tv and radio ads as well as billboards urging people not to get behind the wheel if they've been drinking.

Mark Rodriguez wishes the man who killed his 22-year-old daughter had made the right choice.

"I would find out on-scene and also later with more information that he was three times over the legal limit. In an instant, all of our lives have changed forever. Myself, my wife and all of our friends, as well as our other children struggle everyday to make sense of this senseless crime."

Last year, 955 people in Texas were killed by a drunk driver. Law enforcement hopes this new campaign will bring those numbers down. Their slogan is "Drink, Drive...Go to Jail."

Bill Stamps, KUHF News.