More Texans Traveling Over Holiday Weekend

More Texans will travel this holiday weekend than did last year. That according to a Triple-A survey that shows many families are making up for missed vacations in past years. Ed Mayberry reports.

Triple A's Dan Ronan says the increase isn't huge, but there's no doubt more people are hitting the road for the Memorial Day weekend.

"We're looking at an increase in the state of Texas of more than 3-percent and we will see about 2.53 million people will be traveling over Memorial Day."

Ronan says travel over the last couple of years has suffered because of the economy and it appears more people are making up for lost time.

"A lot of folks said that the economy is turning around, it's improving, and there are very, very good bargains by hotels and other travel companies that are out there so the combination of pent-up demand, stable gasoline prices and the bargains, for many people it's too good to be true."

Triple A says nationwide, more than 32 million travelers will hit the roads and take to the skies this weekend, up 5.4 from last year. Here in Texas, the average round trip will be about 700 miles.

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