Arson Suspect Sought

The Houston Fire Department and Crime Stoppers are asking the public for help finding the person responsible for setting a number of housefires in southwest Houston. Bill Stamps has more.
Since April, a dozen or so house fires have started in Southwest Houston in the area of Eldridge, Wilcrest, Richmond and Beechwood. Arson investigators believe the fires were deliberately set, but when it comes to suspects, they're asking for the publics help.

This is Chief Arson Investigator Gabe Cortez:

"Damage to the majority of the structures has been 5-thousand dollars or less; however, we are very concerned because since these structures are occupied, there's the potential for someone to be killed or injured in these fires that have occurred roughly between midnight and six AM."

In one of the cases there is video taken from the homeowner's security camera that shows what investigators believe is the person who started the blaze. The video shows a woman pulling into the driveway and then going into the house. Shortly after, a man is seen walking up to the house.

"He has in his hand what appears to be a water bottle with a clear liquid in it. You'll see that person go out of range in the camera's view and then shortly thereafter you'll see flames coming out."

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Chief Cortez believe ignitable liquid was used because the flames were so big and started so fast. Anyone with information is asked to call the Houston Fire Department or Crime Stoppers at at 222-T-I-P-S, which is offering a 5-thousand dollar reward.