Houston's Top Public Schools

A list of Houston's top public schools was put out today. The ranking was done by the group Children at Risk as well as the Houston Chronicle. Bill Stamps tells us what schools made the list.
2nd place award According to this ranking system, the number one elementary school in Houston is T.H. Rogers. Number two is Barbara Bush Elementary. The number one middle school is also T.H. Rogers.

Ann Stiles is the Executive Director of Project Grad Houston. She talked about the importance of getting all children ready for college.

"The United States used to be able to say that we are the best educated nation in the world, but we can't make that statement any longer. Nine other nations are ahead of us in that ranking and if we are to regain that strength we have to have great schools that are focused on college readiness and college access for all students."
To rank the schools they used a number of factors, like how well the students did on the TAKS test. And with high schools, how many students were in advanced placement courses and also how well they did on SAT's and ACT's.

The number one most improved high school is Westbury High. Principal Eric Coleman gives all the credit to his teachers.

"Our teachers work so hard with our students and they just have a love for kids and us really pushing the curriculum and making sure we're doing everything possible to support our students so that they can achieve at the highest level."

The people that did the rankings say the purpose is to give parents a guide on how theirs and other schools are doing…as well as to start conversations about how well schools are getting students ready for college.