Barbara Bush Released From the Hospital

Former First Lady Barbara Bush is out of the hospital. She was released this morning, after four days of undergoing tests. And, as David Pitman reports, doctors think they've figured out what was ailing her.

Doctors at Methodist Hospital believe Mrs. Bush may have had a relapse of a thyroid condition for which she was treated more than 20 years ago.  Bush family spokesman Jim McGrath says the presidential matriarch was never in any pain or life-threatening situation. 

"It was concerning enough that they wanted to treat it and test it and find out what it was.  But without really getting into the nitty-gritty on the details, it's good news that they were able to pinpoint it and we've got a course of action going forward."

Doctors adjusted Mrs. Bush's medication to deal with the apparent recurrence of Graves disease.  The symptoms can include irregular heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, fatigue, and eye problems.

McGrath says doctors expect her to make a full recovery, and return soon to her normal activities.

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