Applications to Rebuild in Galveston Pour In

Galveston property owners effected by Hurricane Ike have demonstrated a desire to rebuild on the island. Rod Rice reports that the number of applications for recovery helps has surpassed estimations.
The City of Galveston Recovers program told state officials they'd get at least eleven hundred applications for financial help to rebuild Ike damaged properties.  So far there have been more than fifteen hundred applications.
Sterling Patrick is the director of the city's Grant's and Housing Department.  He says the first constructions will begin as soon as a review and approval process can be completed.
"We're looking to have construction started a little bit before then summer."
He says they plan it to have packets of projects...

"Of maybe 25 to 30 homes at one time, bundle them up for our contractors so we can have a number of contractors moving through the process so we can get as many people done and get as many starts as we can."
And Patrick says property owners who haven't applied yet are not too late.
"We have a second round of funding that will come from the federal government and the state, we don't know when that's coming but we do know it is coming."
Homeowners can get information about the program at .
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