KBR Granted More Government Money

Houston defense contractor KBR has won another multi-billion dollar government contract to continue providing services in Iraq. This new contract comes on the heels of KBR losing millions of dollars in award fees because of bad electrical work at a U.S. base in that country. David Pitman has more.

KBR's new contract with the Army could potentially earn the company almost three billion dollars.  It's a one-year deal, with an option for four more years as American troops wind down their mission in Iraq. 

The Army notified KBR it had won the contract late last week, right after the company told shareholders it lost about $25 million in award fees because of flawed electrical work in Iraq.

KBR was responsible for maintaining the barracks where a Green Beret was electrocuted in 2008 while taking a shower. The company has denied wrongdoing, and the Army did not press criminal charges — citing insufficient evidence. But the uproar that followed triggered a review of 17 other electrocution deaths and widespread inspections of electrical work in Iraq, much of it performed by KBR.

The family of the Green Beret who died has filed a lawsuit in federal court against KBR.

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