DADS is Hiring

The state says it will hire almost three dozen new investigators to help speed up its response to complaints against nursing homes. David Pitman reports.

The Department of Aging and Disability Services, or DADS, oversees almost 12-hundred nursing homes across the state.  In the last fiscal year, DADS looked into 16-thousand complaints.

The department says it already responds to virtually all of the most serious complaints, such as physical abuse, within 24 hours. 

But it needs to improve its response to lower level complaints against nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Only about a third of those complaints, things like untreated bedsores, are responded to within the required two weeks.

To handle the workload, the agency says it will hire 35 new investigators in March.

DADS is also preparing to go on what it calls an investigative blitz, during which it intends to complete more than 15-hundred nursing home investigations by the end of the month.

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