Monday AM December 28th, 2009

The 2010 Book of Lists is arriving to subscribers of the Houston Business Journal. Ed Mayberry reports.

Houston Business Journal logoThe 2010 Book of Lists features thousands of companies in categories that identify the top companies and services, with information about each entry.  Greg Barr is with the Houston Business Journal

"You know, as usual, we do, you know, modify and change any lists over the course of the year.  We've added five new lists for this year's paper.  One people might find interesting is a complete listing of the top 50 cities within the Houston region—population, municipal government street address, phone numbers, current mayor and term expiration and the year the city was incorporated.  Just because we are such a vibrant business community with businesses located in each one of these areas."

Barr says the Book of Lists has gotten high-tech.

"With the Internet, we're, you know, adding more information to our Web site, which is growing.  The biggest feature that we've launched in 2009 is an interactive Book of Lists.  Subscribers get unlimited access, and what this gives you is a searchable interactive version of the Book of Lists with information that's updated continually even beyond the lists that are published, you know, weekly in the papers.  So you get the most current information as companies come and go."

The 2010 Book of Lists went out with the last 2009 issue of the Houston Business Journal.

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