Friday AM December 25th, 2009

Challenger, Gray & Christmas will be staging its 24th annual free job search advice call-in early next week. Ed Mayberry reports.

The outplacement firm is holding a two-day call-in for anyone wishing to speak to the firm's professional counselors.  John Challenger has been providing job search and employment transition counseling since the early 1960s.

"We're opening up our phone lines next Monday and Tuesday from nine to five to offer advice to anybody who is looking for a job or in a job and wants to find a new one.  Were bringing in our job search consultants who spend the rest of the year working for companies doing just that—to try to pinpoint people's issues and really give them some strong solutions."

Challenger says this is the 24th year for the job search advice call-in.

"We have been doing this for many years.  Certainly it's been a very tough year, so people have been out of work this time more we've seen in the past.  Some of those difficulties that people face can really put them in a tough spot."

Job seekers can reach a counselor on Monday or Tuesday by calling 312-422-5010. 

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