Prisoner's Kids Need Christmas Help

There are thousands of children in Texas who may have no Christmas presents this year. Rod Rice reports it's not due to the economy but rather because they have a parent behind bars.

"The children of prisoners are the most likely group of children to end up in prison themselves."

That's Mark Earley of Prison Fellowship. He says even though they've done nothing wrong, these kids are plagued with shame, poverty and family instability. That's why Prison Fellowship has a program called Angel Tree that's helped about 400-thousand children of prison inmates.

"Really it's an ongoing year round program in which we try to have a positive input into these children's lives as well as help them stay connected to their parents in prison."

But it takes on a special role this time of year.

"These children will receive a gift wrapped package on or before Christmas Day.  It will have an age appropriate gift and a note in there from their parent from prison, which is a huge thing for these kids to know that they haven't been forgotten on Christmas Day."

In Texas there are more than 37-hundred children of inmates who still need a sponsor this year.  To learn more, visit the Angel Tree website.

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